Happy Place in Los Angeles, CA


Jen and I got to visit Happy Place in Downtown Los Angeles' Arts District a couple weekends back - Happy Place is an interactive pop-up space bursting at the seams with bright colors, and fun, exuberant installations. Originally scheduled to end the first weekend of January, an announcement was made that Happy Place will stay open until February 25, 2018 - view the ticket options here (pre-sale is available to AMEX card members and will be on sale to the public this December 15, 2017)! Tickets are $28.50 each (not including a service fee), and guests should arrive at least 20 minutes before your time slot (and you are allowed to arrive up to 20 minutes past your time slot) - check out all of the FAQs here

My fave rooms include a hanging flower room (which you can climb through a hole in a slanted board to feel like you're fully immersed in a flower field of marigolds) confetti angel GIF maker, a rainbow butterfly wall and the confetti snow globe (with confetti blowing all around you). If you're into this type of experience, I suggest checking it out - compared to the Museum of Ice Cream (sold out in LA and SF and tickets on sale for Miami), it didn't seem as logistically smooth and some of the rooms seemed lackluster or a bit worn out already. 

The line to get in had us waiting for 45 minutes or so, and it just didn't seem well planned out with the scheduling and crowd flow. The staff did do their best to keep the crowd updated, but it just felt like a cattle call (they did however have the appropriate dividers to create lines). Everyone was advised to use the restroom prior to entering Happy Place, as once you are in you can't go to the restroom or walk backwards through the space. It's one thing to have to wait to get in, then it was another thing to have to wait again in 8 other lines or so for each installation. There also seemed to be a lack of 'happy' staff, in some rooms I almost felt like we were in an actual museum where there are typically staff/security on standby to make sure you don't touch anything. You would expect the personalities to be over the top here, unfortunately, that's not what we experienced - regardless we had a fun time taking pics and filming. This is a great place for all ages, and especially fun for the kiddies. Check out Happy Place: