FEAST.FASHION.FAVES has been such a big part of my life (the past 8 years), so much so that it definitely represented who I was as A person (my blog still is referred to AS FFF BY AVID SUPPORTERS). THE NAME HAS REALLY CARRIED WITH ME THROUGHOUT THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF MY 20s, But because I experienced such a big life change with getting married and changing my name, I felt compelled to have my blog and social media handles reflect this new change. It’s the same me…just updated name AND REBRAND to AMANDA N HAMMOND. I still have all of my FEAST.FASHION.FAVES accounts, but follow everything @amandanhammond to keep up to date!


If I were to describe myself in three words, it would be: creative - ambitious - weird.

Creative: I've always had some kind of artistic interest or drive - a medium or way to express myself. When I was about 6 years old, I stumbled upon my mom's artwork portfolio. I unearthed beautiful charcoal sketches and watercolor paintings. Up until that day, I had no idea that my mom was at all artistic - I coveted her masterpieces whether rough drawings or completed pieces and would draw and paint on my free time; I think that really was the underlying source of my creativity - it was in my blood. Growing up I most enjoyed the 'Meet the Masters' art classes and my dance lessons, I later ended up pursuing a career in dance. I was trained in most dance forms with a focus on ballet and graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Dance. I taught dance, movement and fitness classes to all ages for roughly 7 years before moving on...


Ambitious: For the entirety of my young adulthood (I feel I can say that, now that I'm approaching my 30s), I was housed under the expectations of what my parents wanted for my life. Although I may not have fulfilled certain expectations and desires that they had envisioned for me, I gained an ambitious spirit to succeed. I am a no-nonsense type of person and like to go full force in my dreams and aspirations. I turned my hobby blog into a business and have gotten the pleasure of working with many other like-minded individuals as well as connect with a plethora of industry leaders within the blog, fashion and hospitality worlds. My mantra is to always go for it,  because the worst that is going to happen is someone says no, or next time. At least I went for it! 

Weird: Okay, for those of you that know me personally I am such a weird and kooky person. I'm just silly, from making strange sounds to funny faces; this may not come across in my social media platforms as it is much more curated but it's definitely apparent in my vlogs or more in the moment social coverage on snapchat or instagram stories. Although I can be my worst critic or get caught up on the little things, I think we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously ; there's always room for laughter, giggles and just having fun. 

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Thanks for taking a bit of time to get to know me. Feast.Fashion.Faves came to being while driving with a friend to a grocery store in 2011. I wanted to create an expressive outlet to showcase a little bit of everything in my life. FFF has given me numerous opportunities to write for various publications, model, wardrobe style, and most importantly create long-lasting relationships with other passionate, creative people. FFF recently rebranded to AMANDA N HAMMOND to coincide with me getting hitched and changing my name!