2019 NYE Fireworks in London

Words, photos and video can really not even begin to describe and do the London NYE fireworks justice. If you get the chance to celebrate NYE in London in the future; braving the crowds, cold and wait is well worth witnessing the spectacular fireworks display up close and in person. Since Scott and I would be out of the country to purchase tickets for the event we subscribed to the mailing list on the 2018/2019 event site here.

When we were notified of when tickets would be going on sale, we woke up about 3am PT a few months before to purchase the tickets and pick a location along the sectioned viewing areas of the River Thames (we selected the Victoria Embankment) which surprisingly were only £10 each (but I suspected that they must be able to fit many spectators along the River Thames, so why jack up the price (also I don’t believe the previous year required paid tickets). Scott received a confirmation of the ticket order and how he would receive them. The physical tickets and instructions were then posted to our home and arrived a few weeks before the event.

If you are visiting in which you need to stay at a hotel in the city, be sure to pick a hotel in which it is located on the same side of the river as your viewing location, it will just be easier to get to your viewing area for the fireworks show. Prior to departing for the show, be sure to map our your route to and from the event, especially if you’re taking the underground. There will be underground station closures which is listed here along with other methods of getting to and from the event.

There is a map provided that outlines viewing locations and where portable toilets are located in the area as well as rules and regulations on getting in/out and what you can and cannot bring with you. I was surprised at how organized the event was upon getting off at our underground stop. There were many staff members and law authority that were directing crowds and they also had signs posted directing guests to the security entrance. The viewing areas were color coded so we were seeing signs for the “blue” viewing area and made it easy on ourselves by not bringing much with us so we could seamlessly get through security. Overall it was about a 15-20 minute walk from our station to the viewing area.

5 Tips On Attending the NYE London Fireworks

  1. Map Out Your Route to and from the event

  2. Check The Rules & Bring your Tickets/ID - no backpacks are allowed, but purses and bags such as shopper bags are permitted. You may bring food and a reasonable amount of alcohol (we brought a 4 pack of ciders and a couple bags of crisps in a plastic bag)

  3. If you want an optimal, unobstructed view of the fireworks, get there early. Admittance to the viewing area was between 8:30pm-10:30pm, if you are waiting at the security entrance right as they start letting people in, you can find a better viewing spot.

  4. Bundle Up, it’s chilly and you have to be outside waiting for the fireworks for hours and bring a lightweight blanket or something you can lay down on the ground if you want to sit on the ground

  5. Go to the restroom as the portable toilets become available (it’s hard to leave your spot to find the nearest restroom and come back to your same spot as it is incredible crowded - you’re practically shoulder to shoulder with people around you)

I hope you one day get to experience these fireworks as I did, but if not, they always broadcast it on BBC One, you can see the full fireworks show here.