Happy New Year 2019!

Wishing you all the most wonderful and safe new year’s eve and a spectacular 2019! I feel like I continually say the year flew by every year, but this year I truly feel like it sped by. I wanted to share some of my biggest 2018 accomplishments & happenings and what I’m looking forward to for 2019:

  • Moved out with Scott for the first time since my previous serious relationship

  • Received a title change at work less than a year working there for taking ownership of the company’s trade show needs/coordination

  • Got to travel to Boston for the first time, on behalf of my day job

  • Took a calligraphy workshop

  • Started designing my wedding dress

  • Got to witness so many friends get married!

  • Traveled to England twice

  • Hosted a huge style/fashion trends event at Anthropologie at Irvine Spectrum

  • Doing multiple Instagram story takeovers for the Irvine Spectrum

  • Got to cover of the Irvine Spectrum’s revamped H&M store

  • Turned 30 years old

  • Paid off our wedding venue 3 months before the deadline

  • Leased my first car


  • Getting married to the love of my life in March

  • Will be traveling to Las Vegas for a week for work to attend a trade show marketing conference

  • Looking to officially adopt my parent’s maltipoo Lucky

  • Get our condo in order where it’s not all cluttered and can really host guests

  • Pursue a new side business venture that I’m very excited about (can’t wait to share more with you next year)

  • Many more partnerships and collaborations to come!

I received an overwhelming amount of feedback about this silver shimmer dress which I wore to two company Christmas parties, can you believe it’s under $25?! The only caveat with wear it is it’s really form fitting; therefore I highly suggest a tight slip or shape wear underneath. I wore a nude shape wear skirt under this dress and adhesive bra to allow for no obstruction with the back cut out. The outfit was completed with a pair of earrings from VYN jewelry and platform shoes from Forever 21.

Photos taken by Bleudog Fotography