Indian Wedding Guest Attire with Amazon

I am so excited to share this because it was the first Indian wedding Scott and I experienced and it was for our lovely friends Nik and Ritika. They were married through the most vibrant and meticulously meaningful Hindu wedding traditions, I was truly captivated by the entire days’ festivities.

In preparation for attending the wedding Nik and Ritika sent us information on where we could get traditional Indian attire; Scott was apart of the wedding so he was set with what he was receiving and just needed to provide his size. I on the other hand had so many different style, fabric and color options to choose from! I settled on a beautifully embroidered lehenga with dupatta, but it unfortunately did not arrive in time due to the stitch process period (even though my estimated time of arrival with the stitching option chosen was listed to arrive well before the wedding date, alas, it still didn’t arrive in time). Let’s just say I did a lot of research, asked my Indian lady friends and consulted with the bride, Ritika on what and how I should be ordering, and after ordering what items would be okay to wear to the wedding. Here’s what I gathered:

  • Anything I order, order it stitched, not unstitched (if it’s ordered unstitched it means it won’t be sewn together at the seams). Thankfully the site I was using offered a stitching service for sewing standard sizing or custom sizing (but it will take longer).

  • For ease of movement and wear, choose a Half Saree/Two-Piece Saree or a Lehenga. Both styles consists of 3 pieces: the skirt, the blouse and the draping scarf.

  • Don’t wear white, black or red - or any other color the couple may specifically state not to wear.

  • Accessorizing your look with bangles, necklaces, earrings and the tikka hairpiece is a must (and is another fun element of styling the look).

As I mentioned earlier, my lehenga did not arrive in time to wear to the wedding, so I had to style an appropriate wedding look. Seeing that I have as of late, become an amazon prime queen, I put together an entire look that would arrive in time for the wedding. Essentially, I needed a crop top blouse (usually a choli), a mermaid or a-line style high waisted skirt, and an Indian scarf (dupatta). Then I accessorized with a tikka hairpiece, earrings and necklace. The bag I brought with me was given to me but I linked to almost the exact one below. I actually received a handful of compliments in regards to the entire look, and completely surprised myself that I could pull it off, put your look together with these items and play around with the colors you like to wear or are interested to wear:

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