Top 3 Luxury Bridal Fabric Trends from Tissura

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I dream of possessing amazing skills in sketching, designing and creating dreamy, couture bridal gowns; but alas that has never been the path for me. But if you are sleeping, living an breathing the bridal gown (or any gown or couture) design world, I have the most spectacular luxury, fabric store to share with you; Tissura, which has been providing haute couture fabrics for almost 20 years, brings together a global network of fashion fabric shops and showrooms located in Hong Kong, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Tissura is at the forefront of quality crafted, luxe textiles, fabrics and trims. I've been crazy into bridal gown shopping as well as researching different fabrics that I may want to use during my wedding for draping or other decorative purposes, and therefore want to share my top 3 fabric styles/trends that I'm in love with for all things bridal/wedding:


Embroidered Appliqué 

There's nothing I love more than fabrics intricately embellished with appliques. What is an applique? It's "ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck onto a large piece of fabric to form pictures or patterns." My favorite types of appliqués include lace, beading and floral. There's such an opulence when you look at and touch the surface of appliquéd fabrics.



For the non traditional bride, pastels are a go-to. I've also seen black and jewel tone colored wedding dresses; but if you still want to touch on that romantic, ethereal look, pastel fabrics are the way to go. Imagine layers of dreamy tulle, organza, chiffon or floral lace; in the softest shades of pink, blue or lavender. 



Lace is a bridal gown staple, whether the gown itself or the veil. There are SO MANY types of lace that can range from modern lace styles to romantic, vintage lace styles. There's a lace pattern to fit every type of bride. 


Images provided by Tissura. 

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