2018 Gift Ideas for the Skincare Lover

I’ve decided to share various gift ideas this year, first being for the skincare lover in your life! Here are items that I absolutely need for my skincare regime and they all work well as small gift or stocking stuffers! Items included:

  • A towel headband to keep hair out of the face.

  • Dermaflash at home dermaplaning device which gets rid of all the peach fuzz and icky layer of the face so you have a truly blank, smooth canvas for effective skincare application.

  • Sheet masks are a must! I love putting my in the fridge for extra refreshment on my skin. Use the leftover serum in the packet when finished with the mask.

  • I’ve really been into rollers, also place the quartz roller in the fridge to further help with inflammation when rolling on the face.

  • Mist in the morning, day and night with Mario Badescu

  • I can’t live without a microfoliant, because it allows me to be able to gently exfoliate my face daily if I wish. Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant is great for everyday use and I love that it’s in powder form so I can easily travel with it no matter the size of the product.

  • Does anyone else get an odd satisfaction after using nose strips?! I particularly like using Biore’s charcoal nose strips for an extra cleansing factor from the charcoal.

  • For all over charcoal cleansing of the face without doing a face strip, a paint on charcoal clay mask is a great alternative as it just washes off with warm water, definitely much less pain then using pore cleansing strips.

  • Help those tired eyes by using undereye gel patches, I’ll use these in the morning and at night (also placing in the fridge for that cooling action when applied on the skin), and you can also use in conjunction with a sheet mask by placing the eye gels on first, then sheet mask on top.

  • Can’t have a complete skincare routine without moisturization! This Hydrofil Moisturizer is great for smoothing and nourishing skin without leaving a greasy finish.

  • Don’t neglect your eye area even when using gel patches, be sure to further assist your eye area with a serum!

  • And my absolute must need item are pimple patches. These are little round stickers that you stick on pimples for a couple days and it essentially pulls out the gunk from your pimples and dries it out. What’s great is, if you wear it throughout the day, it keeps you from picking at the pimple and then is also helping to speed up the process of cleaning/drying out your pimple. I can’t live without these things!