2018 Cute Tech Accessories Gift Guide

Everyone loves new gadgets and tech accessories! Here’s a round up of my favorite fun and cute tech items to add to your home or use with your phone! I feel like I usually don’t think about giving tech accessories as gifts, but they are such a second nature part of our lives, so why not spruce up our tech game with nifty gadgets. Here are the items I’ve included:

  • I stumbled upon these little animal cable bites that protect the end of a phone charger and are super dang cute! The packaging and photos show an iphone charger, but it should be compatible with other charger ends around the same size as an iphone charger.

  • I’ve been looking for a projector system because it’s a fun way to bring the cinema experience home for a night in alone, a date night or with the girl/guy friends! This set comes with separate speakers as well.

  • I use to carry a pepper spray keychain around with me, but this alarm keychain makes it easy to press the button that sets off an alarm. It may be good to bring around both as you never know who you may encounter and may need double reinforcements. However, this button keychain alarm can be brought on travels as it is TSA approved (since pepper spray is not)!

  • I am terrible at drinking water and this smart water bottle makes it easy to track my water intake, alert me when more water intake is needed, therefore helping me meet my hydration goals.

  • Everyone needs a beauty mirror! This is not only a bunny shaped mirror but includes a smart touch screen panel to adjust mirror settings.

  • A power bank is .a must for everyday life or travel - I’m obsessed with this cosmic print power bank.

  • Smart watches are way in! I’ve been seeing them more and more on everyone because they help keep you so seamlessly in touch, and there are so many options in style and design to choose from.

  • With or without sprinkles?! I love food shaped phone cases!

  • Keep all the tech cords and what not organized in a zip up pouch when traveling or for daily use.

  • I’ve been specifically looking for tech gloves since I’ll be traveling this holiday season to a very cold England, and I don’t want to have to take my gloves on and off to use my phone - so this star embellished pair has a nice glitzy touch.

  • I’m all about some moon magic in the home, bedside or on the desk. This Himalayan Salt Lamp can be plugged into any USB port and it’s really great at detoxifying the air.

  • Phone rings come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and textures! It’s a must to help holding the phone (especially if you use your phone while in bed, wouldn’t want the phone to fall on your face lol).

  • I like convenience. The cloud shaped outlet cut out wall mount shelf makes it easy to charge and dock devices.

  • This wood diffuser speaker is a nice compact size and stylish design. I like that it’s a speaker AND diffuser, I’m all about jammin’ out with the aromatherapy going.

  • Could these fuzzy headphones be any more adorable?! I wish there was a bit chillier outside and I could wear these out while riding the subway, walking around the city or something! These could be great to travel with though!