DIY Embellished Sunglasses

As another activity for my bridal party during their reveal afternoon tea, I thought it would be fun and a creative experience for each lady to decorate her own pair of sunglasses. I had an excess of these zeroUV 90s inspired oval sunglasses that give off a cool girl sophisticated chic vibe, and the frame of these sunglasses had just enough space to decorate. You can really embellish any type of sunglass style as long as there is enough of a flat surface on the top of the frame or lens to affix flat back cabochons. 

Be sure to have a good workspace area to decorate your sunglasses; due to the industrial strength glue that is used, you want to avoid getting the glue on anything else other than the materials you are working with for this DIY project. You can lay down butcher or craft paper onto a table space to create a fitting environment for the use of glue. Here's what you need for this DIY project:



Select the cabochons you want to use for your sunglasses. I did a mock up with the resin flowers to create an ombre design before glueing each of them onto the sunglasses. 


Either squeeze a dab of glue onto the craft paper or directly onto the back of the cabochon - I immediately close the tube of glue after squeezing a bit out as the glue will keep coming out of the tube if you keep it open. I find that it's easier to squeeze the glue onto the craft paper so you can have more control over how much glue you will apply to the back of the cabochon. 

WARNING: Exercise extreme caution when using E6000 or any other industrial strength glue. This type of glue tends to be very tacky, and once it goes through the drying process is hard to remove or work with. 


Take the first cabochon and gently rub the flat back up against the glue that is on the craft paper so that it covers most of the back of the cabochon. 


Press the cabochon firmly onto the sunglasses and allow it to dry for 1 minute. Be sure to lay the sunglasses as level as possible, if the sunglasses are laying on a slant, the cabochon can slide and not only move out of the position you want it to be, but also create glue streaks in areas that you may not want glue on. 


Repeat steps 3-5 for your remaining cabochons. 


After I affixed all the cabochons, I let the sunglasses sit leveled, so the glue could cure overnight. 

TIP: You can also utilize tweezers to assist in Applying rhinestones and cabochons onto the sunglasses.

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