DIY Body Scrub Mason Jars for Gifts

This is a simple DIY project that can be given as a gift for any type of occasion; and I specifically gifted these mini mason jars filled with a sugar shea body scrub to my maid & matron or honor, bridesmaids and moms during a bridal party reveal afternoon tea
You can choose if you'd like to make your own scrub or simply purchase your favorite scrub and scoop the scrub into each mason jar. To align with the color scheme of my bridal party reveal, I selected a scrub of a rose scent and peachy pink hue. Here's what you need to make your own 4oz body scrub mason jars to gift (yields 8 4oz mason jars - one 18oz tub of scrub filled four 4oz jars with a tiny bit of room at the top):


Open as many mason jars as you will be filling, and you can wipe the insides with a damp paper towel or cloth but be sure it's dry before pouring the scrub into each jar. Use a regular spoon and scoop the scrub into a mason jar, leave approximately 1cm at the top. 


Once you have filled each mason jar, you can add a whimsical detail by placing a dried rosebud on top of the scrub. 


Screw all the lids back onto the mason jars.


With the sharpie, write as many tags as you need for the jars (one for each jar), you can get creative with designs such as stamps on the tags or keep them simple. I just wrote what type of scrub was in the jar. 


Measure the jute twine around the lid of the jar and cut as many pieces of the same length that you need. 


String one cut piece of jute twine through the hole of a tag, tie a mini wooden spoon resting on top of the tag with a double knot, then tie the rest of the twine around the lid of the jar and finish with a bow or double knot.

Now you have a nice spa gift with a homemade touch. If you like to make your own scrubs, try these 5 DIY recipes:

Sage + Blackberry Sugar Scrub by Suburbia Unwrapped
Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub by Our Best Bites
Lavender Sugar Scrub by My Plot of Sunshine
Green Tea Sugar Scrub by Living Chic on the Cheap
Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub by Simply Stacie

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