Groomsmen Proposal Gift Box Idea for the Poker Lovers

After creating bridal party and flower girl proposal gift boxes, Scott enlisted me to create gift boxes for his groomsmen. Originally, he was just going to give them a bundle of items, and I immediately advised him that he couldn't just hand it to them since there were so many small pieces - and might has well let me put together gift boxes with a themed presentation. 

Scott selected items that showcased his love for playing poker (and most, if not all of his grooms party also play this card game)  with a deck of cards and a bottle opener in the shape of an Ace of hearts playing card (the heart was cut out in the center allowing for one to place the bottle cap in the opening). To personalize each box, he selected two mini liquor bottles (1 gin for his favorite liquor and 1 that he selected for each groomsmen that had a significant story or moment tied to it). 

Here are the items I used to create these gift boxes:

Have fun adding personality to the boxes and crafting one for each of the groomsmen. It didn't take long to put these boxes together, and essentially any type of gift box and wrapping presentation will work. We liked the cupcake boxes the most because they included cupcake holders which came in handy for holding the gift items in place.