Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Character Dim Sum at Crystal Lotus

I'm thrilled to finally get a chance to share the first bit of my Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel visit! Upon touching down in Hong Kong, my friend Angel and her husband XP picked us up rom the airport and we headed straight to the Disneyland Resort for Angel's weekend birthday celebration. This first evening, we enjoyed a Disney character buffet dinner, and the following day, we experienced the most wonderful Signature Disney Dim Sum at the Crystal Lotus restaurant within the hotel. 

My friend Jacquii mentioned to me that we had to do this dim sum, and I am so very glad we did. Angel just called ahead and made a reservation, then during the dining service we selected what dim sum items we wanted off of the menu. Upon making the reservation, you need to state that you want to book specifically for the Signature Disney Dim Sum. 

Here's what's on the Signature Disney Dim Sum menu:
•Mickey's Seafood Glutinous Pancake
•Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun
•Duffy & ShellieMay Steamed Sweet Bun
•Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun
•Baymax Bun
•“Olaf” Steamed Red Bean Bun
•Mickey’s Double-Layer Turnip and Taro Pudding

We all couldn't get enough of how adorable each dish looked, and they all tasted great too! We didn't read what each item actually was when we had ordered off of the menu so it was a fun surprise to find out by tasting each item. This is a must do dining adventure to include when planning a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, staying at one of the HK Disneyland resorts or if you're a HK resident and want to feast on a fun and delectably cute dim sum. Disney dim sum is available on weekends and public holidays with at least a 24 hour reservation, and available Monday-Friday with at least a 48 hour reservation. Which character is your fave?!