Milk Chocolate Hair Color Ribbons in Dark Colored Hair with Conway at Tek Salon, Costa Mesa

About mid summer, I was looking for a hair revamp, so naturally I visited my girl Casie Conway or “Conway” for short, at Tek Salon in Costa Mesa. She has taken me to brunette then blonde, and an assortment of colors like pink, blue and a slate blue- this time around was a bit more of a natural look.

I originally went more tame with my hair color after getting engaged because my hair at the time was growing out from being blonde which you can see here, and I wanted to go back to my natural color for my wedding. I had about 2 years from the point of being engaged to the wedding day to grow out my hair and get to the more natural hue.

I was able to get back to my natural color and actually went to see Conway before the wedding to lighten up my hair a little bit to add dimension. From that point, we wanted to go lighter for summer, and now we are here. I’m deciding whether to stay with this look, or go into the direction of something radical again, I miss my fun colors, but it was difficult for me to maintain my blonde hair and naturally because it was extreme and damaging for my hair, my hair became extremely dry, brittle and actually started to fall out. So now that it’s taken me this much time to get back to a healthy point for my hair, I may want to stay here. What would you do?