Somi Somi Soft Serve Taiyaki at Irvine Spectrum Center

I can’t believe I haven’t been into SomiSomi Soft Serve Taiyaki sooner! The one closest to me is located at the Irvine Spectrum Center and has to be one of my fave soft serve spots!

Have you tried Somi Somi before? I finally got my own “ah-boong”, a special Korean dessert in which a “boong uh bbang/taiyaki” gold fish shaped bun/waffle cone holds decadent soft serve.
How does it work?
1️⃣Pick Your Soft Serve (like ube, matcha, black sesame or milk tea - swirl combos available too)
2️⃣Fish Cone Filling (like nutella or custard)
3️⃣Add a Topping (like graham cracker crumble, sprinkles or a mini macaron)

Check out the entire menu here.

Somi Somi Soft Serve Taiyaki Irvine Spectrum Center