Engagement Party at Hangleton Manor in Brighton & Hove UK

While I’m sorting through my wedding day photos (YES, I got married a couple weeks ago), I wanted to make sure to share these photos that were taken by wedding and family photographer Sophia Travis awhile back in March/April 2018 when Scott and I were visiting his family in England. During our previous visit a year prior, we had gotten engaged whilst in London so I wanted to celebrate with his family during our next trip back (especially since many of the family and friends we would be spending time with, would actually not be able to make our wedding the following March).

We held our engagement gathering at the local pub, Hangleton Manor in Brighton & Hove. It’s one of my all time fave places to go even though it seems so ordinary to the locals and Scott’s family. It truly has that English Manor House charm to it and I had recalled seeing a room in the back that would serve well for an event. We got together on a Sunday afternoon which meant that a slew of Sunday Roasts would be in order. I can’t get over how Sophia was able to perfectly capture our reactions as we greeted and caught up with family member and friends. Although spending time in person with our loved ones is so important, I am grateful that we have these photos to look back on these times together.

Sophia is really great at moving behind the scenes and not only capturing candid and posed photos but our surroundings as well. If you’re in or will be visiting the Sussex area of England (she does travel to Kent and London), I highly suggest looking into booking Sophia. Scott and I love her down to earth personality and we try to catch up with her over coffee every time we are back in town. If we had gotten married in England, then I would have booked Sophia - see all of her wedding work here, she really just has this natural ability to be able to capture raw emotion and encapsulate all of the feelings from that moment in time. She is also incredibly professional, responsive (despite being on the other side of the pond) and accommodating to our needs (can you believe that I actually found her through a hashtag search on IG?! - that’s how powerful social media can be in connecting us). And if you’re looking for a good Sunday Roast or a pint, then you know I’m going to say to head over to Hangleton Manor!