Bath & Body Works Wallflowers Fragrance Plugins

I had signed up for the Bath & Body Works apps and received a push notification that their wallflower fragrance refills were 50% off, so I decided why not try them out. I am an avid user of their 3-wick candles (I actually hoard my favorite candles at home so I never run out), but was wanting a way to have my home smelling fresh all the time.

What drew me to the Wallflowers is that they have plugin styles to fit all kinds of home aesthetics. I found 2 plugin styles that work perfectly with my home decor style; the Terrazzo Topper plug and Faux Marble plug have taken over my outlets. I made sure there was a promo going on when purchasing the plugs, and in conjunction with the 50% off wallflower fragrance refill sale. When I purchased the wallflower refill fragrances, I picked up the Midnight Blue Citrus ( a Capri Blue Volcano candle scent dupe), and the following scents pictures in this post: Sun-Washed Petals, Champagne Toast, Honeysuckle, and Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit.

Are The Wallflowers Easy to Use?

I found the wallflower fragrance refills easy to screw into the plugs, the top of the fragrance refills twist easily into the plugs. Then just plug in but allowing for 12” clearance above the plug.

How Effective are the Wallflowers?

With 2 plugs, one in our kitchen and one in the living the scent filled the room for a solid 3 weeks, by the 4th week the scent isn’t as strong and the oils in the fragrance pods are half gone. I placed a plugin in the restroom and it has been smelling good for the week, especially since it’s filling a smaller space with fragrance, the plug in my bedroom however doesn’t seem to be as effective but I believe it’s because it’s a much larger space? I’ll give it another week or so before I plug it in to another outlet.


I definitely recommend BBW’s wallflowers plugins, there’s a variety of plug styles to fit every type of home, as well as a variety of scents (I especially love that it’s my favorite BBW scents in oil/fragrance form). They’re simple to use, look nice and last almost an entire month. I would suggest taking advantage of the promotions and sales when purchasing these (that applies to all things BBW). With the special promos, you can find deals like 50% off the fragrance refills or 5 for $23, but the 50% off is the best deal I’ve received. And also being able to apply any additional discounts (such as $10 off a $30 purchase or 20% off entire purchase).

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