Turning 30!

THE...DAY....HAS...COME! Oh man, I thought 21 was milestone, but today is the day I turned 30! I knew that I wasn't really going to feel different physically, but I have definitely come a long way from my 20s in regards to wisdom and knowledge. This truly marks just the beginning and I'm excited that many other milestones will also being happening while I'm 30 (such as getting married next March)!

It seemed like this year, leading up to turning thirty has been filled with many revelations and small lessons. Getting older isn't about looking older. It's really knowing and understanding yourself better. I thought that I was such an adult in my 20s and that I knew what I was doing; in retrospect, I really didn't know what I was doing at all, but the trial and errors throughout my young adult life has really taught me how I tick and respond to situations, and how to manage different situations and cope better. What I once felt were terrible experiences that I regretted allowing myself to go through, I now am grateful that I went through it to know how to value myself more. 

At times I haven't thought I haven't accomplished much, but now that I'm looking back on the last decade of my life, I'm achieved so much more than I could ever would have dreamed at age 20. I'm really proud of how far I've come instead of dwelling on any mistakes or shortcomings of my 20s, so I wanted to share 30 achievements with you in celebration of turning 30:

1. I graduated with my B.A. in Dance and got to teach dance and fitness to kids and adults for almost 7 years and during that time had been promoted to a Business Operations Manager as well as a Marketing & PR Manager (the stepping stone into my Marketing career path)

2. Started this blog, Feast.Fashion.Faves and been going strong for the past 7 years.

3. Gotten published in two print magazines, Viet Beauty and LOCALE OC for my blog.

4. I've traveled to 8 countries (Mainland China - Hong Kong - Macau, Cambodia, Vietnam, England, Ireland, France, Spain, South Korea). 

5. I've worked retail and interned in visual merchandising for a contemporary clothing brand.

6. I've gotten to work in the cosmetics industry and get a glimpse into makeup product development

7. Moved out on my own, but really moved out with a boyfriend at the time. Left said boyfriend, to rid myself of a longterm toxic and abusive relationship, and from that learned how to value myself, what my worth is, that I deserve respect, and that I did have much growing up to do. 

8. Gotten to cover and attend multiple seasons of Los Angeles Fashion Week and the LA Fashion Council's fashion shows. 

9. Have done my taxes on my own since I've had to file - it's a very intense process since I have to incorporate employed and contracted work.

10. Modeled for two campaigns for ethical fashion company Sudara.

11. Attended and covered the 2012 Young Hollywood Awards.

12. Traveled to NYC on my own to cover New York Fashion Week for 3 seasons.

13. Worked with a local Vietnamese designer to cover a couple of his fashion shows and to model a few of his designs. 

14. Created a digital fashion magazine called Alpha/Omega with friend and wardrobe stylist, Andrew Philip Nguyen. 

15. My wardrobe styling work was published in 4 different digital magazines. 

16. Hosted two influencer events for local outlet shopping centers.

17. Hosted and organized a blogger/brand brunch with a local venue (the event SOLD OUT!)

18. Been contributing to the Irvine Chamber's tourism blog, Destination Irvine for the past 6 years.

19. Got to work as a freelance writer/blogger, contributing to ehow.com and ladylux.com. 

20. Started an accessories company, Whim Things with my best friend Jen.

21. Became engaged to the love of my life while visiting London together.

22. Moved into my own place with my fiancé (it took some convincing with my parents since I had already moved in with a boy in my early 20s).

23. Got hired by a data/software company as a Marketing Coordinator, and received a title change to Marketing and Trade Show Coordinator after 7 months. 

24. Spoke on an Asian Beauty Panel with Sleekshop (formerly Sleekhair) during StyleCon OC.

25. Assisted in floral arranging and styling for 2 small weddings at the Resort at Pelican Hill. 

26. Styled several bridal/wedding inspired photoshoots and was published in a few wedding blogs/publications. 

27. Have gotten hired to photograph various events such as a charity event and baby shower. 

28. Booked an in-store event with Anthropologie Irvine which will happen tomorrow August 30th!

29. Booked several social media gigs for big shopping/entertainment destination, Irvine Spectrum Center.

30. Feeling confident about myself and who I am - knowing what I want for the future even if I'm facing many uncertainties. Also having finished most of my wedding planning (I'm pretty proud of that since all this coordinating will hopefully make my life easier closer to the wedding).