Bridal Campaign Partnership with Dr. Anzaldo Medical Spa in Orange, CA


I am so pleased to announce my newest partnership with Dr. Anzaldo Medical Spa in Orange, California for a Bridal Campaign. Dr. Anzaldo and his fabulous team offer Maternal-Fetal medical care as well as offer a variety of cosmetic, aesthetic services; and I'll be receiving a few services to prepare me for my big day!

With 30 years of a successful obstetric and gynecological private practice under his belt, Dr. Anzaldo expanded his practice in October 2017 with a aesthetics division to offer a full mommy makeover to patients. Mommies can feel that they are in good, supportive hands from the very first obgyn appointment all the way through new mommy-hood. The company strives to help people feel their best by using state of the art aesthetic technology along with their highly specialized team. 

I will be embarking on my journey to new wife-y hood with hopefully a clearer and more even skin tone as well as plumper lips...what exactly am I getting done you are asking? I got to put together a customized "Bridal Package" and could select services such as Botox, Filler and Fractional Laser Treatments; here's what I chose based on personal preference and my initial consultation:

  • Tackle the hyper pigmentation on the side of my face with a home care skin serum that is applied twice daily for 6 weeks. 
  • Smooth out my face where there is minor acne scarring with Fractional Laser Treatment (starting in September)
  • Lip filler with Restylane Silk (starting in October) - minimal injections to top lip 


I've always been self conscious about the pitting on the surface of my skin from teenage acne. My acne was really terrible, and every time I see the scarring, it just reminds me of how awkward and un-beautiful I felt from the acne on my face. I really wish I had had the skincare resources and knowledge available today, but at least I can do these laser treatments to help resurface my face. I will be receiving 5 laser treatments. 

I've also become more and more concerned with the dark spot on the left side of my face that extends from the temple towards my eye. The area has gotten significantly darker within the past 2 years or so, and I can recall noticing the spot at least 6 years ago. I know it has gotten darker due to sun exposure since that side of the face is facing the window when driving. I also think it may be hereditary since my dad has many dark spots on his face. I didn't wear sunscreen on my face as much as I could have, the dark spot is the evidence. It's such a severe different between the darker color with the lighter color skin on my cheeks and rest of my face. I would almost rather my face overall be the same color as my dark spot; in attempts to lighten the pigment, I just started using a Skin Serum that I apply onto the spot twice daily, once in the morning and once and night after cleansing. This treatment will be interesting to chronical, because I should be able to more easily track whether or not the dark spot fades over the next 6 weeks. 

My last treatment is purely cosmetic, and I figured why not. I've always had, or at least I think that I've had a thin upper lip. Whenever I smile, my upper lip turns into a thin line and I show quite a bit of my gums. With the beauty trend of fuller lips, I am interested to see what my lips would look like if they were fuller. But because I didn't want some big 'ol Kylie Jenner lips, I've requested just for a little bit of filler in my top lip - what's nice is I can start off which as much filler needed so that I'm comfortable with the change. Yes, this is purely for vanity, but since I have the opportunity to do this with the Dr. Anzaldo team, I felt like seizing the opportunity. And since I haven't had anything like this done before, I think it will be interesting to share the process. 

For all three treatments, I will be documenting each process and will share on my Instagram as well as a recap blog once I've finished all of my treatments so you can see a before and after. 


Aside from the office being impeccably decorated so it is a complete departure from the typical sterile, medical office atmosphere; the staff is beyond friendly and fun! This is really great and nurturing especially for moms to be, mothers and all patients. You want to be in a positive atmosphere and it all works well with the airy, coastal vibes of the space. I immediately fell in love with the office when I walked through the front door. With the Gray Malin eccentric walls, themed rooms like flamingo and shibori rooms, as well as the modern bohemian decor, it's all right up my alley. I met with Becky Anzaldo who spoke to me more about the office and I just LOVED her energy and personality - she took care of me and introduced me to the Aesthetic Nurse SpecialistGrete who will administer my treatments in the future. The team is highly trained, knowledgeable! Yes I think it's important to be professional and hold yourself to a high standard, but what definitely sets the office apart from other med spas and offices that I've been to is the sheer family mentality and and close knit spirit that extends to their patients.


1310 W. Stewart Dr., #403
Orange, CA 92868
Phone: 562-274-7416
Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday Aesthetic Appointments Only 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Photos taken by Bleudog Fotography

Amanda of Feast.Fashion.Faves was not given monetary compensation to compose this post but is being given medical spa treatment (as described in post) gratis in exchange for deliverables on the blog and social media platforms. All opinions expressed are of her own.