Embroidered Button Up and Embellished Jeans Outfit

I wore this outfit in the middle of summer, but it definitely is giving me some autumn vibes. Can you believe that the Fall season starts just a week and a half??! I think a button down shirt paired with jeans is a classic look, and to change it up a bit, I styled this Current Air embroidered button down, Cotton On pearl embellished jeans and Zara suede point toe heels together. You can easily create a button down shirt and jeans combo that ranges from casual to dressy. Try the following combos:

  • Solid Top + Embroidered Jeans

  • Solid Top + Multiwashed Jeans

  • Embroidered Top + Multiwashed Jeans

  • Embroidered Top + Embellished Jeans

  • Printed Top + Any Wash Jeans

  • Printed Top + Delicately Embellished Jeans

  • Denim Top + Colored Denim Jeans