Bridal Consultation at BHLDN Fashion Island - Newport Beach, CA

For Michelle's last stop with bridal dress shopping, we visited BHLDN in Anthropologie at the Fashion Island location. We were in awe of the displays and selection of gowns and accessories. The bridal/wedding suite is located almost smack dab in the middle of the Anthropologie store, which makes it easily accessible, but depending on where your party is seated, you are just out in the open to passerbyers. There are about 3 seating areas located within the wedding suite and we were located in the the most open area; which may be because the size of our party. Regardless, there should have been some sort of partition or room divider to give us a bit of privacy. We had at least 5 groups of people stand behind our group gawking and watching as Michelle tried on and showed off her dresses to us. Some started walking into the wedding suite space like they were going to join our party - it really made it awkward and at some parts of the experience un-enjoyable. Michelle ended up finding a dress she liked that she ordered, and she also had the option to return (the policy aligns with Anthropologie's store policy), if she ended up changing her mind. She did end up returning the dress and is now having a custom dress made.

I think if you've been eyeing dresses that you know BHLDN has in stock and want to try on in person, then make the appointment to go but go in a smaller party (appointments are required for gown try-ons). I was going to make an appointment here because there were a handful of dresses that I wanted to try on; and I also was just going to go with my mom, but I ended up changing my mind after remembering how this appointment went. I just didn't expect strangers (that are not apart of another bridal party consultation) to be bombarding the consultation. 

There's also a selection of bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses, and if you don't find anything from the wedding suite, then the newly expanded Anthropologie store is so fun and magical to shop in (of course). See more wedding dress shopping experiences here


823 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Sunday 11AM-7PM
Monday - Friday 10AM-9PM
Saturday 10AM-8PM