Easy Travel Skincare Regime 2018




I loved using this while traveling because it has everything I need in one packet - a facial cleanser, hydrating essence and a brightening charcoal sheet mask. This was perfect for my one-night stay in London; allowed me to pack light and efficiently for my trip to the city and I had a pamper me moment after a long day of gallivanting around the town. Get yours here and check out the other 3-step products from Skinesque


I can't get enough of this cleanser; because of the powder form, packing is effortless. I've used other powder cleansers before and haven't been impressed, but what I like about this Enzyme Washing Cleanser by Skinesque is that the perfect amount of powder comes out of the bottle. With other powder cleansers, I've had to measure the powder out of a pot; and with this cleanser I receive the correct proportion with a shake of the bottle in the palm of my hand, just add water and lather up! My complexion has cleared up and given way to smoother, more radiant skin. Get yours here




The key to restored skin resilience is in this amazing bottle filled with the first ever, vegan based collagen formulation. There are 13,000 beads of Microalgea Oil which help to hydrate and nourish the skin; and it definitely does that for my skin. I also can't get over the scent which smells like a fresh marine air (but not fishy) fragrance. The dropper application is also great for dispensing the right amount into my hand to apply to my face - which I do once in the morning and once at night after cleansing. Get yours here

pressed serum.png

My mind was blown when I found out this was a solid, pressed form of serum. Usually serum can feel like a gelly-liquid like substance; but with this Algenist pressed serum, I pick up a bit with my fingertips and it instantly melts and evenly spreads onto my face upon application. The serum is made up of Alguronic Acid, and fortified by AlgaProtein and nutrient-rich coconut water (which is why it melts so easily). It works overnight and I wake up with recharged, vibrant skin. Get yours here - there's actually a travel size too, that you can get here (this size is still packable and allowed in a carry-on). 



I can't get enough of this face mist, especially while sitting on a 10-hour flight. When I feel like my skin needs a refresh from being in the recycled plane air, I just "spritz spritz" for an instant refresh. I also like to spritz after being on a flight. It's beyond invigorating and leaves my skin feeling renewed; I also spray before applying makeup and use the mist to wet my blending sponges. The mist contains knot grass, fig and dandelion extra for firming, soothing and detoxifying properties; and the lavender essential oil is very calming. Get yours here