Holiday Shoot at Dana Point Harbor for Christmas - New Year Cards

I wanted to have Shawna take some holiday shots of Lucky since he’s been looking extra cute, I haven’t gotten pro photos taken of him before and I got him a festive bowtie and Christmas sweater. While shooting him, I figured Scott and I could jump in to take some photos with Lucky since this is our first Christmas/Holiday season together. We headed down to Dana Point Harbor because I had remembered seeing that it gets all dressed up for Christmas for their Happy Harbor Days. And thankfully, despite the crazy amount of crowds and dogs, we managed to get enough photos that were usable for a holiday card.

Happy Harbor Days has the entire waterfront of Dana Point Harbor all decked out and lit up with bright twinkly light displays. It really is incredible to experience in the evening when all the lights are on, and you can still check it out until January 6th!

One of my go-to places to have cards printed is CVS photo. I like that I have the option to do same day printing, and when there’s a promotion going on I can get a really good deal on prints and cards. I put together the below holiday card using one of their templates and I’m obsessed with how everything turned out! Since we didn’t have enough time to get the cards out to friends and family by Christmas, we decided to do a 2019 Happy New Year Card. For 40 prints that include envelopes, I paid $33 (with tax) using a 40% off code. I also made the purchase through my ebates account so I got a very minimal amount of change back, but like I always say, every little bit counts!

CVS photo is sometimes hit or miss with me, the actual print quality is a majority of the time great but for this particularly project, 2 cards were printed on one piece of card stock, so I had to go through and cut the cards into two separate cards. I’ve had cards in the past that I would make custom to give to Scott for a bday or anniversary and the card would be too perforated down the center (to create the fold that allows you to open/close the card) so then the card would just fall apart. All in all, if you’re looking for a service that is simple, will get the job done and offers a quick turnaround time I would check out CVS Photo - especially if you’re interested in getting some last minute cards done for the New Year!

I also want to add how legit ebates is, a friend turned me onto it because she said she’d get little payouts here and there for making purchases. And after reviewing all the online stores the site supports, I figured why not try out the program. Essentially I receive a very small %, usually 1-3/4% of qualified purchases (sometimes they do these huge promos like 10x points), so I’m not banking on receiving large sums, but it’s nice to receive a small bit of change back especially if you do a lot of online shopping. By the time they disperse your funds to your paypal account it can be a substantial amount depending on how much you’ve spent and the %s of cash back you’ve received! Learn more and sign up here.

Amanda of Feast.Fashion.Faves was not given monetary compensation or product in exchange for composing and publishing this post, all opinions expressed are of her own.