Freshly the Meal Delivery Service - Worth It?

Earlier in the Spring I got the chance to try a home delivery meal service called Freshly. I’ve seen these types of services popping up and was interested to see how it could be incorporated into my life (can’t really go wrong with food being delivered to my home right)?!

Freshly’s site is easy to use and navigate; I chose the 6 meal plan and then selected the 6 meals that I wanted. After choosing a date to have the meals delivered, they show up at the front door. When I open the box, it’s fully insulated with padding and ice packs that can be broken down and discarded or recycled. Then I refrigerate my meals and heat up for a few minutes when I’m ready to enjoy.

I liked the service so much because I was able to cut out the immense amount of time that it takes to go to the grocery store (half the time I’m not planning what to get from the grocery store), put everything away to then take everything out to prepare and cook meals (which can take anywhere from 1-3 hours before I’m sitting down for my meal). It’s harder when I’m had an 8 hour work day to then have to go home tired and try to cook a meal. Freshly cuts out all that time and struggle and at the end of the day, I’m eating delicious home-cooked style meals weekly and all it takes is a few minutes prep. I can now enjoy time at home with Scott and dog after work and also squeeze in time for answering blog emails and writing up posts.

Scott saw the benefit in this service that we decided to split delivery and have 12 meals delivered over a span of two weeks - they always have these great deals or you can use my code style639 for $20 off your first 6 meals! ENJOY! The service did get a little bit pricey for us compared to just buying groceries, but time is money right? So, if you want to cut out a significant amount of meal prep/cooking time, it’s worth spending the money to have healthy, chef-cooked (NEVER frozen) meals that are gluten-free, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, as well as their own list of 85 banned ingredients. Here’s how the delivery looked and some of the meals I tried.






Amanda of Feast.Fashion.Faves was not given monetary compensation to compose and publish this post but was initially gifted 6 meals to post about on Instagram. All opinions expressed are of her own.