Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

I was in need of a new table top makeup mirror since I don't really have a vanity set up in my room, so I thought it was perfect timing when this Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror was sent to me to try out. Here are my thoughts on the mirror after using it for a couple weeks.


The mirror is a good, portable size and the tri-fold doors are easy to open and close, as well as offer a panoramic view. There's no fuss in setting up the mirror or packing it up to travel with - you're able to adjust the angle of the mirror at which it sits with a fold-out stand at the back (which almost is like how a beach or pool chaise can be adjusted). I did find that sometimes the mirror's stand was troublesome to keep closed if I wanted to stow away the mirror in my room, say in between my bed and nightstand; the two pieces of the stand would just keep falling backwards, there wasn't any piece to hold them in place. So I found it best to just leave the mirror set up in one spot and not move it around unless packing it. 

I was surprised to see that there were 4 lighting options, but I ended up using just the 'DAY' lighting setting for a majority of the time which has a good mix between cold and warm coloring. The 'OFFICE' setting was too cool, and the 'EVENING' and 'OFFICE' settings too warm for my personal preference and most likely because I typically use this mirror in my bedroom when there is natural light shining into the room. Overall the lighting is very bright, but doesn't feel like it's emitting heat; it definitely provides sufficient illumination in an environment that lacks light - I almost wish there was a bar of light on the top and bottom of the mirror to get an all around illuminated affect like a beauty ring light. I was also reading that the lights can be replaced, so that is a relief as sometimes in the case for vanity mirror bulbs, they are extremely hard to come by or expensive to replace. 

For a more precise look while applying makeup or a skincare routine, I can rotate the center mirror to the other side for 5x magnification (although I found that I didn't use the magnified side as much). One of my favorite features of this mirror is the 120-volt electric outlet, I can charge my phone from it or plug in an appliance like a curling iron or straightener. As well, the power switch does not have to be flipped to the 'on' side in order for the appliances to work or phone to charge, the mirror does however need to be plugged into a main outlet. 


The mirror has a nice, clean white finish and any knobs, switches, etc are easy to use. Although the exterior is made of plastic, the mirror still feels sturdy and like it will last me a long time. With the tri-fold design, I don't have to worry about the mirrors being affected during travel or transport. I had another mirror I was using that was a great, small portable size, but the entire front of the mirror is exposed so sometimes I would worry that the mirror could get scratched or cracked. The minimalistic design of the mirror allows it the capability to be seamlessly styled into different interior design settings. 


This mirror did fill the void for what I was desiring, and even surpassed my expectations. It includes all the functions I would need in a vanity mirror that is stationary in my home, brought to work or packed for my travels. I was just thinking today while at work how great it would be to have this mirror on my desk because I was going straight to an event from work and ended up refreshing my makeup in the company bathroom. If I had the mirror on my desk I could easily refresh my makeup and with adequate lighting. This would also serve as a great vanity mirror for hotels that do not have the best lighting for applying makeup. Read more information and get your Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror here, these mirrors are fitting for the beauty enthusiasts in your life or anyone who applies makeup - making it a great year-round gift or for the holidays!