DIY Flower Girl Proposal Gift Boxes

During my Bridal Party Reveal Afternoon Tea, I also asked one of my flower girls, Olivia, to be in the wedding because her mother is matron of honor so she brought her along and I was able to give her a special gift box in person. My other flower girl lives out of state and is the daughter of one of Scott's Best Men; he recently made a trip to visit his friend to ask him to be in the wedding so we gave him a gift box to take home to his daughter Lila.

Online shopping spaces like Etsy and Amazon are booming with pre-made bridal party proposal gifts and gift boxes, but not as many pre-made flower girl gift boxes. I do think that the shops would be able to customize their gift boxes for flower girls, there just isn't as large of a selection of gift boxes like those available for bridesmaids. 

If you do have some time on your hands and want to get a bit more creative with your proposal boxes, here's what I included in my flower girl boxes:

  • Gift Box (I used kraft paper boxes, you can use any style and size to fit your needs)
  • Tissue Paper (find colors that go with the theme of the box, your wedding colors or your bridal party reveal if you're hosting one)
  • Heart Necklace (Another option is an initial necklace)
  • Kraft Paper tag to attach the necklace (I wrote 'Will You be my Flowergirl on this tag)
  • Flower Girl Hang Tag (optional)
  • Cute Crossbody Bag
  • Hair Clips & Bows
  • Personalized Water Bottle (pre-made options)
    • To Make Your Own, purchase a kids water bottle and decorate with the following:
    • Rhinestones or other embellishments
    • E6000 or other industrial strength glue to adhere embellishments onto the bottle
    • Metallic Sharpie (any color) to write the flower girl's name
  • Princess Sticker / Coloring Book (you can personalize it by selecting a character that your flower girl really likes)
  • DIY Sparkle Flower Letter (paint the wooden letter and while the front is still wet, apply loose glitter and evenly disperse with your finger or brush. Finish my hot glueing cut faux flowers to the letter)
    • Wooden Letter
    • White Paint
    • Loose or Paint Glitter
    • Hot Glue
    • Faux Flowers
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Rock Candy Stick
  • Flower Girl Story Book *
  • Flower Girl T-Shirt *
    *I didn't include these items, but they are both great pieces to add to the box for more emphasis on the flower girl role

It's really fun because you can truly customize the box to fit your flower girl's likes and personality. Personalize everything from accessories, colors and favorite characters and princesses. I scoured stores like Daiso Japan, Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby and Homegoods for gift and items to make and put in the box. Including the gift box and tissue paper, I was able to make 1 flower girl box for under $20. 

Full gift box photos taken by Bleudog Fotography

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