Lamb Kebab Skewers at Feng Mao in Koreatown

After coming back from mine and Jen's trip to Seoul, we had a crazy craving for lamb skewers. I had them for the first time while visiting Seoul, and I was hooked! The restaurant that we dined at purely served lamb skewers, and they even had rotisserie style grills so you just had to plop on the lamb skewers and pick them up once they were cooked to your liking. 

Jen and I were on a hunt for a lamb skewer restaurant and she stumbled upon Feng Mao in Koreatown Los Angeles (they have two locations and we went to the one off Olympic). We went for the first time a fews months back and tried a couple different beef skewers along with lamb; this time around, we came here for dinner after Beautycon and only ordered lamb skewers  as our kebab option (accompanied by corn on the cob and mini potatoes). The restaurant is a blend of Chinese and Korean cuisine, offering dishes like Chinese stir fry, dumplings and steam buns to Korean potato pancakes, kimchi stew and cold noodles. I was pleasantly surprised by the kebab variety consisting of meat, offals, seafood and side items like tofu, mushroom and corn on the cob. 

We like the lamb kebabs the most because of the small cubed cuts of meat, they're not gamey and are very easy to grill and can simply be slid off the skewer then dipped into my favorite cumin based seasoning. They have marinated and non marinated beef, chicken, pork, fish balls, shrimp, squid, and if you're feeling very adventurous offals like chicken heart, beef intestine and lamb kidney. Jen and I like to load up empty skewers with garlic (which we asked for), you just have to peel each clove. Your meal will come with the traditional Korean side dishes like kimchi. 

We've never had issues with service here (as you may read on Yelp), but it may be because Jen can easily communicate with the staff in Korean. They do assist you in grilling if you need it, and provide a heat protectant glove to assist in rotating the skewers (although they don't seem to feel that hot as I did not use the glove). The open charcoal grill can get overwhelming with flames engulfing your skewers if you're not paying attention, and it really creates a smokey scent but I think it adds to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. 

Our meal is also very reasonably priced and we were incredibly full afterwards; 10 lamb skewers is about $15 and that was enough between the both of us along with the corn, mini potatoes and side dishes. If you haven't tried a kebab grilling restaurant like this before, I definitely recommend it - and I wouldn't go into trying the restaurant with the expectation that it's a fine dining experience. Like other authentic Chinese or Korean restaurants I've dined at, they don't always have the same standard as most chain or 'American' restaurant establishments of providing the upmost stellar customer service. At Feng Mao, they have been attentive enough, and gotten us anything we requested and we have never had a negative experience here. They don't seem to have a working website or social media accounts, so you can visit their yelp pages to get more customer insight and menu options! Street parking is available or you can park at the Hanmibank across the street from 6p-11p. The restaurant tends to get crowded in the evening, the couple times that Jen and I went were early afternoon to 5pm and we were able to be immediately seated. Visit Feng Mao:

Feng Mao Lamb Kebab

3901 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: (323) 935-1099
Business Hours:
Monday-Sunday 11:30am-11:30pm
Street Parking or Across the street at Hanmibank (only 6pm-11pm)

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