Beautycon Festival Los Angeles 2017

I wanted to share a few snapshots from my 1 day visit at Beautycon Festival LA 2017. My friend Jen approached me about going since she could get us weekend tickets; I wish I would have known that there was an option to obtain wristbands (which is what you need to enter the event, not your ticket), as that would have saved us waiting an hour outside under the blazing sun (I don't think anything will top my experience waiting to get into KCON last year though). 

I have to say that for being a huge convention, especially at a vast space like the LA Convention Center, Beautycon was VERY meticulously organized and executed (they were ready for the large crowds). From the email communication with attendees before the start of the convention, to the ease of navigating the convention grounds and floor (with booklets and maps) and the variety of panels available and brands involved; it seemed worthwhile for attendees. After attending a couple of conventions here, I have come to the conclusion that I am just not the convention go-er type. This type of event is GREAT for those that are fans of celebrities or youtube stars that make appearances and do meet and greets during the convention, or if you really want to see and try different beauty brands (and are willing to wait in long lines for the experience).  However (I didn't visit every booth), it seemed that most booths were equipped for you to purchase they product, so if you really want to get all your beauty shopping done, this is the place to do it. Many brands have samples to giveaway, do fun games for prizes or discounts, as well as have opportunities for posting a photo of your experience at their booth in exchange for product or other swag. 

Attending 1 day was enough, and don't get me wrong I am completely grateful for the opportunity to get to go. I think I just need a more mellow environment, more on a trade show level. Also, Beautycon is such an accepting and safe space for everyone, you immediately see signage about all races, genders, etc being welcomed - such an amazing atmosphere and environment to greet guests with. Have you ever been to Beautycon?

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