Sky Organics Bath Bomb - Caribbean Coconut Demo

I was pleasantly surprised and excited to receive a gift box of 6 bath bombs in the mail from Sky Organics last month because I am a bath bomb addict. I had also received the Peppermint & Castor Oil DIY Scalp Treatment Kit, and really like that they offer truly pure, all natural, ethically-sourced, organic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare products. 

Although the gift box was quite overly fragrant upon opening and removing it from the shipment box, it contains a variety of bath bomb scents that make for a nice bath. Each bomb is individually shrink wrapped and labeled so the box isn't messy and you know exactly what each bomb is, scents include:

Caribbean Coconut - A taste of vacation with an aroma of creamy coconut milk
Lavender Lemon Muffin:This fragrance is a lovely bakery-like combination of lavender, lemon peel zest, 
sugar cane, fluffy angel food cake, butter, nutty poppy seeds and vanilla extract
Love Potion: A sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh
peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk.
Mermaid Kiss:This fragrance begins with top notes of ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals; followed by middle notes
of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.
Strawberry Milkshake: A combination of vine ripened strawberries combined with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar.
Sugar Rose: The rose is tempered with notes of tonka bean, lemon and geranium that makes a fragrance that smells good enough to eat!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, SLSA* , Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Natural Colorants. All bath bombs are made in the USA. 

I used Caribbean Coconut first as I was drawn to the coconut/tropical fragrance, it fizzed well but I had to hold it up at the top of the water to see the various colors (although it's not a big deal), which turned the bath water a nice aqua color. Compared to other bath bombs I've used the essential and coconut oils within the bomb were not as moisturizing on the skin nevertheless the epsom salt was good for my sore muscles and overall it was a relaxing bath. Shop Sky Organics here

Amanda was not given monetary compensation to compose and publish this post. The Sky Organics Bath Bomb set was given gratis, but there was no agreement for any coverage in exchange for the product. All opinions expressed are of her own.