Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

I didn't think that I would be the type to get so into all things bridal and wedding, of course that was pre-proposal to my now fiancé Scott (I'm very excited to currently be working on a proposal video edit). Maybe it's because I didn't think I was going to be engaged so soon, because many of my high school friends got married at least 7 years ago so I haven't really been around weddings, planning and bridal related things. But I do have a few weddings coming up this summer and fall that'll get me into the mood to start wedding planning full force.

I knew something was up when my best friend Jen started asking me about my ring size last Winter because she didn't know how to discreetly ask me without giving away that my boyfriend was looking to propose to me. It got to the point that he needed assistance with the type of ring that I would want, as I am a very picky person when it comes to jewelry; and of course this is a jewelry piece that I would be wearing for the rest of my life and would want it to be something I absolutely cherish.

When searching for examples and images of what I'd want, I knew I was set on a moonstone gem for the main stone on the ring and I was adamant about having a custom ring so that no one else would have my ring. I have to say that it was quite frustrating just trying to search the style or type of ring I was interested in; the 'unique', 'one-of-a-kind', organic ring look because I didn't know exactly how to search for it. A few months back, I had stumbled across Luna Skye Jewelry when searching for moonstone rings and wanted to research similar jeweler makers. Thankfully, Instagram serves not only as a social media platform but is great for research as well; while perusing Luna Skye's instagram page, there's a drop down menu near the bio that provides you with similar accounts. So I went through the suggested accounts and found an array of engagement rings that I liked, I also spent some time on Etsy since there are many handcrafted, special designs. 

I put together this compilation of jewelry designers and creators who craft beautiful and interesting rings, definitely a departure from your run of the mill rings like round, pear or cushion diamond cut styles. Not to say these cuts and styles are not stunning rings, they're just not my style and I wanted to share unconventional choices for the girl that wants to stand out, other than with the carat size.

I've included designers that incorporate nature inspirations, a variety of gemstones and simplistic to more complex designs. What I like most about these jewelry designers is that many of their rings can be stacked, I've always been keen on the stacked ring look instead of having one standard or bulky engagement and wedding ring set. What's really cool is that some designers have multiple rings that can be stacked to create one engagement ring. My fiancé settled on a 14k rose gold mini moonstone and diamond ring that he had made into a custom size since I have crazy, skinny (3.5 size) fingers. For more information on my ring, click here! Why the moonstone gemstone? 

Moonstones have ties to the mystique of the moon and is said to provide travelers with protection, a channel for wisdom, a connection between lovers, and are associated with new beginnings, bringing a sense of renewal and new energy. Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral with a soft, transluscent sheen; there are many different delicate shades to Moonstone, the Rainbow Moonstone in particular reflects hues of pink, blue and lilac. Luna Skye shares that, 'You truly get the feel of so many different looks in one piece. Just as we have so many different sides and energies to all of us, moonstones are a direct reflection of that. Moonstones heighten intuition and feminine energy, grounding us when the busyness of daily life seems to take over. Moonstones help aid in connecting our emphatic and compassionate selves with our detached selves in a healthy way, allowing us to move through the day feeling more grounded to our emotional side without allowing it to take over'. This is a very multi-faceted stone, that the more I read and discovered about it, the more I felt it resonated with my life and my whole being. 

For my journey in this new fiancé-hood, I'll be sharing my planning process, as I have no idea what I'm doing but am thankful for all the resources and help that I've already been receiving. If you have any tips on anything wedding related, or a fave ring designer, leave me a comment!