Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters Cliffs in England, UK

Scott, his grandmother and I visited Birling Gap in East Dean, which has the UK's well known Seven Sisters chalky cliffs located in the South Downs National Park. We walked along the cliffside as his 'Nan' recounted her visits to the area in the past. Much of the land that his Nan recalls seeing and visiting has corroded into the sea, exposing bright white chalky surfaces that were formed in the late Cretaceous period (over 100 millions years ago).

Due to how the chalky walls break off by the waves and dissolve in the water, the beach is left and covered in flint pebbles. This is a great place to visit for nature walks along the cliffs, taking in the sea air down by the beach or for a bite at the cafe; check out all the activities available here. I had fun trekking on the pebbly beach as I am accustomed to very fine sand beaches. Just west of us is Beachy Head which has a lighthouse (although there are many lighthouses around this area, this one is very noticeable in the water), and the UK's highest chalky cliffs.