Hong Kong Travel Diary 2017

I've finally gotten around to sharing my trip to Hong Kong (aside from my dim sum meal at Disneyland Hotel here). Jen and I spent one of our first days exploring Hong Kong Island. I actually did not know that Hong Kong is a made up of four geographical areas: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, The New Territories and Outlying Islands (which is technically apart of The New Territories) - the Shenzhen and Sha Tau Kok rivers serve as natural border between mainland China and and Hong Kong. The territory actually consists of over 260 islands (not all inhabited), with Lantau Island as the largest island (and is where the major airport and Hong Kong Disneyland is located). 

As you may know, Hong Kong was colonized by Great Britain and under British rule for 156 years which explains the many signs that look familiar to those of when I was in England. But there's definitely more of a stronger Chinese influence all around Hong Kong today. I loved wandering the streets and seeing all the vibrant hanging lamps of the narrow alley street markets, then panning my view upwards to gaze upon giant skyscrapers. 

Jen and I wanted to take it easy while exploring Hong Kong Island, so we had some places we wanted to visit that were in the area, but we kind of just let ourselves wander about and run into those places. We took the metro into Statue Square, and enjoyed cocktails and dessert at Sevva Restaurant which is situated on the rooftop of the Prince's Building. We then made our way over to the last remaining gas lamps in the city, the Duddell Street Steps & Gas Lamps. Because it was so humid that day, we stopped for ice teas and enjoyed the refreshment in a business courtyard.

When we were ready to get going again, we wandered around taking photos on various streets and alley ways, as well as in front of different wall art. We took a break with some beers and people watched from a pub before wandering a bit more to look for a place to eat. We ended up at the mid level escalators, which is actually the world's longest covered escalator walkway system. I must admit, Jen and I rode up the elevators a couple times - riding it made searching for food spots on the street easier. It's not one long connected elevator, so there are areas that you can get off and exit onto a street walkway. We finally found a open air cafe spot and enjoyed dinner and drinks there. Have you ever been to Hong Kong or any of these sights?