Scott knew he wanted to propose to Amanda around Fall 2016, and was thinking about popping the question while his grandmother was in town visiting over Christmas and the New Year. He decided to forgo that idea and wait until their trip to England in April 2017. He had Amanda's friend Jen inquire about her ring size, but since she didn't know how to discreetly ask Amanda, she just flat out asked her what her ring size was. Amanda wasn't sure, so when it got to the point that Scott wanted to get her ring, he ended up asking me himself. Amanda remembers trying to find a soft tape measure to measure her finger, but couldn't find one so ended up making her own paper measuring tape. After sending Scott her ring size and styles that she liked (because Amanda is very picky and also didn't want a usual engagement ring style), she figured he would be proposing sometime in Fall 2018 since she adamantly told Scott not to propose during their travels. 

To her surprise, he asked her to marry him on the last day of their trip in England. They had just finished afternoon tea (originally he was going to ask during the tea service, but due to the bad service and overall experience, he aborted the mission), and he asked her if she wanted to visit anywhere else like Kensington Gardens. After having Amanda trek around the gardens, they stumbled upon the Italian Fountains and he found a nice spot to get down on one knee to ask. And she hesitantly said yes because she actually thought the entire proposal was not really happening (Scott is kind of a jokester), so it took some time to sink in - but they celebrated with a social media update of course and grabbing a pint and bite at a local pub. Read the full story below.