3 Summer Treats to Make with Emily Fay

Hey all! It's Emily Fay from All the Yesterdays! School is out, fun activities are in abundance, it's hot - summer is here! Now is the best time to perfect your summer time treat game. There is nothing like knowing you have a cool yummy treat waiting for you in your freezer after a day out in the sun. These Top 3 Easy Summer Treats are sure to be a hit!

1. Fruit Popsicles

Fruit popsicles are the best way to cool down after a hot day outside! What is great about this popsicle recipe is that you can mix and match your fruit to make different flavors or make the whole popsicle one flavor! In this recipe I used Raspberries and Peaches!


2. Yogurt Bark

Take your morning yogurt up a notch with this yogurt bark recipe! Grab your favorite yogurts, mix them together, add your favorite toppings and freeze for a tasty treat throughout out the day! No snack guilt here!


3. Frozen Lemonade Float

A light twist on your average root beer float, this Frozen Lemonade Float is sure to hit the spot! Who doesn't love an ice cold glass of lemonade?!  In this simple 3 ingredient recipe, you'll enjoy the tartness of the lemon mingled with the rich flavor of vanilla ice cream.


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