5 Ways to Refresh Your Home this Spring with Barbara Town

Written by Barbara Town of Town Lifestyle + Design

Hi Everyone! Me again, Barbara Town, Interior Designer at Town Lifestyle & Design, and prior guest contributor for FFF - you can read my last blog post here. Since we are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather here in South Texas, I thought I would share my top five easy ways to freshen up your home for this Spring season.

1.     Brighten up the Pillows

Pillows are by far the easiest pieces to switch out with the seasons and they can make a HUGE impact in your space. By swapping out just a few of the darker colored pillows with brighter, more saturated ones, not only does the space feel fresh with the change but you are ready for the warmer months to come.

2.     Pull in Colorful Accessories

Going hand in hand with brighter pillows, pulling in more colorful accessories can give your space a new energy and a much needed re-fresh. Not every piece has to have a bold color, but adding one or two that really POP will make a difference.

3.     Add Fresh Flowers or Greenery

One thing I have really been loving this spring are fresh florals throughout the house. There is something about that rich green color of the stems or leaves that keeps a space feeling homey. And when you add a floral touch to your space, you get a sense of beauty, maybe even an element of color, cheerfulness or happiness to a space.

4.     Freshen up your Artwork

Another easy way to freshen up your home with the Springtime buzz is to switch out your artwork. I love art! It is such a personal and subjective way to make your home feel like you as well as tie the design of a space together. And as difficult as it may have been to find the perfect piece for the space above your sofa or dresser, over time, we just need to change it out for something new, fresh and exciting.

5.     Let in the Natural Light

Now this isn’t so much a design detail, but it is easy to forget when you’ve been stuck inside with the cold or rainy weather. Open up those blinds, drapery and heck even the windows. Letting the sunshine and fresh air in will get rid of all the dark and depressing vibes that may still linger from the winter months and get you excited about being outside while the weather is nice!

I hope you have found these tips useful and are able to easily implement them into your own home. For more interior design inspiration and styling tips, feel free to follow me on Instagram

Thanks for reading!