Visiting the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, CA

WE DID IT! I snagged tickets for a June date to visit the Museum of Ice Cream with Scott and Shawna and we had a blast. Many of the installations within the museum were shown off on social media but it was still exciting to get to experience it in person. Tickets were $29/each for adults ($18/each for children), and we spent a solid 2 hours in there; valet is available for $6 or you can street park and we made sure to arrive at least 40 minutes in advance so we could get in line 30 minutes before our entry time. Each room features different interactive or tasty treat experiences which also incorporate local artists and creameries. 

Guests are taken in with their time slot group by a greeter, ours was Sydney Strawberry! We were led into a front room with an ornately decorated wall, offered a Dove chocolate and given a run down of the exhibit (what to expect, dos and don'ts)  and told that we could spend as much time as we wanted in each exhibit room except for the very last room with the sprinkles pool which would be timed. 

After yelling out our favorite ice cream flavor, which I couldn't decide mine so I yelled 'everything!', the door was opened to a pink telephone room. From there we entered a California themed room complete with a VENICE and HOLLYWOOD-style signage/artwork and ice cream from Salt & Straw ice cream. 

Next was the much anticipated banana scratch and sniff walls with a swing set leading to a space filled with hanging pink and yellow bananas (not real bananas of course). I turned the corner of a waffle cone covered wall into a mint room where real mint that smelled like cocoa was being grown in garden boxes. This room has my favorite treat, the mint chocolate chip ice cream mochi! From minty chocolate-y freshness we headed to a vibrant, citrus-y room with large colored acrylic dividers and bold wallpaper signage. 

A hallway of white washed items led us to the oversized popsicle room, which has these large popsicle structures protruding from the walls and laid all over the floor.  Next we entered a color-centric gummy bear room! We were given the choice to answer gummy bear trivia questions or learn a gummy bear dance to earn gummy bears - watch the video to see what we picked! We decided to pass on the charcoal cookie dough cone but checked out the art installation displaying a Greek style statue head laying on its side with an ice cream cone stuck on his eye. 

The very last room, and very 'insta-famous' is the sprinkle pool. The room is decked out with a 1920s-like swim/athletic club feel. We were instructed to place our shoes and belongings in lockers and that we would have about 3 minutes in the pool. The sprinkles are little plastic pieces and they get everywhere (it was funny to see them all over the streets surrounding the Museum of Ice Cream building). It was very exciting to get to play in the sprinkles, but it gets cramped in there and you really don't have much time to thoroughly enjoy it if you're trying to take photos. 

Our journey ended in a great room where there's an ice cream sandwich swing, gift shop and ping pong table, as well as other ice cream themed artwork displayed along the walls. We received our last treat of a pink pancake ice cream sandwich, which I enjoyed before selecting a souvenir pin to take home. Scott told me his experience was much better than he expected, and we took many fun pictures that I can't wait to share more of with you! Did you visit the Museum of Ice Cream in LA, if not, do you have plans to visit the SF location?

Photos taken by Bleudog Fotography